About Us

About Hsin Sui


Hsin Sui Indus try Co., Ltd is a dynamic, fast-moving food seasoning company, which is established in 1988,when it began as a small, family operated seasoning company in Taiwan. Po Lo Ku is registered as the trademark under Hsin Sui Industry Co., Ltd for the company product branding.


To advance and forsake the traditional cooking of using raw and artificial seasoning, the company’s passion to bring healthy and non-artificial seasoning to our daily gourmet had been welcomed by many consumers. With the advance in the food technology, Po Lo Ku is able to deliver the essence of special breed shiitake mushroom into concentrated dices, acting as a replacement to MSG. Every dices of Poloku’s seasoning consist of the purest ingredients; concentrated mushroom and vegetable extracts.


Today, Hsin Sui Industry Co., Ltd has diversified in their seasoning types into 10 most popular seasonings, mostly found used in restaurants, hotels, food & beverages outlets and food processing. Spicing the best delicacies in the world, bring the most alluring food to your taste buds. With the establishment of the second and third plants, Po Lo Ku insists on holding the principle of producing the best quality products to ensure100% satisfaction from our customers.


“We believe in only delivering the best quality seasoning to consumers, giving them trustworthy services and a healthy lifestyle.”                – General Manager, Mr. Kelvin Sheu


Po Lo Ku believes in delivering only natural flavorings as consumer’s health is in our priority list. We will continue to withhold the trade passion, nurture talents, research & develop new food technology and delivering the best quality products to our consumers.