Q. Why the color of the seasoning is darker/lighter than before?

A. Our products do not contain any artificial coloring ingredients. The tone irregularity of the product is due to the batches of mushrooms produced in different seasons; mushroom crops have slight differences in tone (darker or lighter) and fragrant depending on the various growth factors such as temperatures, humidity, etc. We do not use artificial coloring to standardize our product’s appearance; thus, the color of our seasoning reflects the very natural ingredients used in our manufacturing process.

Q. “Po Lo Ku Trading” what is that?


It is nothing but a counterfeit manufacturer, “Po Lo Ku Trading” is not related to Po Lo Ku.

Po Lo Ku is originated from Taiwan, anyone claiming that he/she is a Po Lo Ku partner from Singapore or Malaysia is not true. Beware of this fraud group.

Hsin Sui Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan, legally own “Po Lo Ku” trademark globally. And we reserve the right to prosecute legally against anyone who directly or indirectly help in distributing the counterfeits.

Q. How long does it take to ship my order?

We include ETA information for each shipping method we have. ETA information is purely an estimate to give customers a rough idea how long it take to receive their orders. The information may not be very accurate as it depends on both Taiwan and the destination logistic service providers’ efficiency.
We strongly discourage customers to use “Sea Freight” to deliver their orders. There is a higher chance that the parcel will be lost or damaged in certain countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Besides, “Sea Freight” parcels are not trackable online even though we supply tracking IDs as Taiwan Post Office does not allow sender buying insurance for any sea freight parcel; uninsured parcels are not trackable.

As stated in our Shipping & Return section, we are not responsible after the order is shipped. Customers will have to bear the risk on the shipping method they choose.

Customers can always track their order shipping status in the member account order history section.

Q. MSG or Monosodium L-Glutamate


Date: Oct 5, 2016

Article – Myths and Misconceptions: MSG

MSG (also commonly understood as Monosodium L-Glutamate) is normally misinterpreted to chemical/artificial flavor enhancer which scares many diners from taking in any food containing MSG.

Many customers are not aware that Monosodium L-Glutamate, a flavor enhancing ingredient, do come naturally in various fresh produce like mushroom, seaweed, red meat, seafood, etc. Our products contain natural shiitake mushroom powder, mushroom extract and sugarcane which contain MSG like substance naturally.

To prevent any misunderstanding, we have to make our statement clear: we have never claimed our products containing no Monosodium L-Glutamate.

Recently we have listed Monosodium L-Glutamate in our Taiwan version of packaging ingredient list . This is to comply with the new law of FDA in Taiwan only. The new food safety regulation requires to list all ingredients of a processed food product selling in Taiwan market.

For customers who are not comfortable with our listing or are allergic to MSG, we strongly discourage them from using our products.

Q. Does Po Lo Ku mushroom seasoning contain any animal-by-product?


Po Lo Ku mushroom seasoning manufactured by Hsin Sui Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan, contains 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Q. Do You Supply Any Business Bulk Specification?



We do supply in bulk on case by case basis.

Please tell us more about your business by filling up the form below including your login username. Please register if you don’t possess an account. We will contact you shortly if you were qualified.


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Q. How To Identify Authentic Po Lo Ku?


MSH_Front_500     MSH_Back_500

*Click on images to zoom.

  1. Look for the contact information at the back of the package: Many fake product packages do not state clear manufacturer contact information.
  2. Look for the company name and product origin: All authentic Po Lo Ku products are made in Taiwan and manufactured by  “Hsin Sui Industry Co., Ltd”.
  3. Strange product ingredients: Po Lo Ku products contain no weird ingredients such as the so-called ASP, Calcium or Vitamin B.
  4. Purchase from reliable sources: You are welcome to make purchase on our website @ www.poloku.com

         As a manufacturer, we try our best to ensure all consumers purchase only authentic Po Lo Ku. However, we do not guarantee that there is no fake Po Lo Ku exisiting in your location. As a consumer, you can also help us to eliminate fake Po Lo Ku by reporting to your country’s respective Consumer Rights Association. For example, consumers in the USA can file complaints to https://www.usa.gov/consumer-complaints.